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Our staff has been providing mold inspections in Peoria, Illinois and the surrounding area for over ten years.  


Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable with indoor air-quality and environmental concerns.  Maurer Mold provides home mold testing and commercial testing.  


Maurer Environmental Services collaborates with a fully-accredited testing laboratory, AIHA-LAP accredited in environmental microbiology.  The laboratory also has certifications from the international association of certified indoor-air consultants. 


Maurer Environmental Services is determined to provide services that are credible and ethical. 


We are not owned by or beholden to any company providing mold remediation or abatement services.  We are a neutral, third party testing company, working for YOU to provide honest accurate data for  the safety of you and your family.  Remediation companies that we work with feel it is a conflict of interest to provide both testing and clean-up services as one company.  We would be happy to provide you with a list of  credible remediation & contractor referrals per your request.

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