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Indoor Air Quality Assessments in Commercial and Residential Structures

Maurer Environmental Services has performed a multitude of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) assessments for commercial, private, and residential clients alike.  Our Indoor Air Quality assessment surveys provide our clients with comprehensive air quality and environmental evaluation of individual structures which are tailor made to the needs and concerns present at such sites.


 Our professional staff is particularly experienced in the effective risk communication of highly technical data and findings gathered during our assessments while maintaining a professional sensitivity to the concerns and health effects experienced by building occupants.  Our investigations routinely include the performance of detailed inspections of all building and/or residential systems as well as the development and performance of sampling and analysis of chemical, physical, and/or biological contaminants, as necessary.


Maurer Environmental Services also provides expert legal related services regarding Indoor Air Quality and related environmental fields and can serve as an expert witness within such technical areas.


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